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"The most versatile software keyboard for the iPad."
Main Keyboard Shot
Two variants available:
The best software keyboard for the iPad
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The best software keyboard for Science, Engineering, Math (iPad)
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Main Keyboard Shot
Portrait orientation with small number keys
Main Keyboard Shot 2
Landscape orientation with small numbers & word suggestions
Main Keyboard Shot 3
Landscape orientation, centered keyboard with large numbers; black key theme shown
Main Keyboard Shot 4
Portrait orientation, Settings view open; most controls must be scrolled to see
Main Keyboard Shot 5
Key Repeat setting turned off, long press brings up alt characters like standard iPad
Main Keyboard Shot 6
Landscape orientation showing the blue keys, that is the user defined keys
Main Keyboard Shot 7
Standard option characters; most not available on the Apple iPad keyboard
Main Keyboard STEM 1
Lowercase option character set #2. Uppercase letters too. AZKeyz STEM keyboard only
Main Keyboard STEM 2
Lowercase option character set #3. Uppercase characters too. AZKeyz STEM keyboard only
Main Keyboard STEM 3
Superscript lowercase letters & numbers. Superscript uppercase chars too. STEM only
Main Keyboard STEM 4
Subscript lowercase letters & numbers. Subscript uppercase letters too. Subscript letters very limited in Unicode. STEM only
Main Keyboard STEM 5
Superscript Greek lowercase letters. Superscript Greek cap letters too & subscript lowercase Greek letters; no subscript cap Greek letters in Unicode standard. STEM only

The Big Features:

• Hardware Key Layout
Most keys use hardware style layout

• Consistently Sized Keys
Same key size in landscape and portrait
Key size similar to standard portrait KB
On 12 in iPad Pro, close to full size keys

• User Defined Keys!!
A whole layer of user defined keys (blue keys with diamond control key) contain what you want, up to a whole sentence

• Separate Number Keys
The user configures large or small number keys.

• Repeat Keys
Press keys to repeat ... or turn off repeat like the standard keyboard

• Tab and Arrow Keys
Most iPad standard keyboards don't have a tab key or arrow keys; AZKeyz does!

• Alternate Keys
With key repeat off, log press a key to view alternate key pallet

• Option Keys
Standard option keys, like hardware KB

• User Configurable Layout
Tall or short number keys in portrait
Short numbers or number pad in landscape

• Word Suggestions
With a swipe hide/show the AZKeyz word suggestions

• Settings
Control key configurations, key repeat rate, white/black key themes, '.' shortcut, word capitalization, and more

Additional Features  
( AZKeyz STEM variant only) :

• STEM Keyboard Version Option Keys
Three sets of Option keys, including full Greek alphabet, and engineering, science, math symbols

• STEM Keyboard Superscripts & Subscripts
Superscript & subscript keys for western and Greek letters (those available in Unicode)

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Version 1.0

Version 1.0 now available:

• User defined keys (programmable keys in blue)

• User configurable layout

• Consistently Sized Keys

• Visible Number Keys!